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An ordinary Will expresses your instructions for how your estate
should be distributed when you die.  But a Will must pass
through “Probate,” a court monitored process.  All of your
belongings must be cataloged and valued in documents filed
with the court.  That makes them available to be seen by
anyone in the world with an internet connection, from creditors
to predators to nosey neighbors.  

Additionally, in California, a Probate Attorney is paid a sliding-
scale percentage of the gross value of the estate (not on just
the equity) to shepherd the estate through Probate.  So if you
own a home and other belongings, it is not difficult for the
attorney’s fee to be $10,000 or more.
If you wish to protect
your belongings and your loved ones
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Estate Administration Services
Taking an estate through the Probate process requires
attention to detail.  The court will monitor the progress and
make certain Orders as requested by the various creditors
and heirs.  

Trust Administration also requires that certain notices be
given to creditors and heirs.

Law Offices of Robert G. Padrick, A PLC can represent you
in either process and keep you informed of the progress
every step of the way.
In contrast, a Pour-Over Will and Revocable Living Trust also
express your instructions for how your estate should be
distributed when you die.  First, you “distribute” your assets into
the Trust while you are alive.  Then you manage those assets
the Will “pours” all your personal property “over” into the trust
and the person you have designated as your successor
Trustee takes over managing the trust assets, for the benefit of
the new beneficiary.  

The property in the Trust does not change hands.  So nothing
passes through Probate.  No family squabbles.  No snooping
creditors, predators or neighbors.  No sliding-scale percentage
attorney’s fees.  It is fast, private and inexpensive.

•        Durable Power of Attorney
         (appoints someone to manage the Trust if you
          are alive but incapacitated)

•        Medical Power of Attorney
         (appoints someone to make health care decisions
           if you are alive but incapacitated;  also known as
           “Health care directive” or “Living Will”)

•        Memorial Instructions
         (spells out your wishes for funeral or cremation

•        Appointment of Temporary and Permanent
    Guardian for Minor Children
– With Instructions
        (if applicable; appoints a Guardian for your minor
         children and can also give instructions for your
         wishes on how to raise the child)
        Large or small, everyone has an “estate
And, grand or simple, everyone has a plan

         Put your plan for your estate in writing!


   AVOID  PROBATE                CREATE  A  TRUST
      *Expensive / Slow               *Inexpensive / Fast
      *Public                                  *Private
      *Invites Conflicts                *Avoids Conflicts

          •        Wills & Trusts
          •        Healthcare Directives
          •        Power of Attorney
          •        Guardianship Appointments
          •        Probate & Trust administration

If you don't yet have a Will or Trust, don’t be embarrassed.  
You have plenty of company.  Estimates are that 40% of the
“Baby Boomer” generation still have not prepared a Will or
a Trust.  Percentages are even higher in younger